Customizing Products

Are you interested in customizable products? You have the option to include personalized details such as employee names, team numbers, and more in your storefront!
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First, start in the Products section of the management portal.

To add or edit customizations, select the "+Add" button (or "Edit" existing products) and choose your desired decoration method and product. You can then start designing your custom products! 

Customizations can be applied to the front, back, or sleeve of the product. Simply select your preferred location and use the "Custom" button located on the far left panel.

Click "+Create New"

You now have the ability to customize the checkbox text, default text, and placeholder text for your storefront. You can also choose to use static custom values instead of a free-form text box, and you have the option to make the customizations required.

  • - "Name" - the text on the main storefront checkbox

    - "Default Text" - initial text in the product mockup
    - "Placeholder text" - initial text in the customization field in the store
    - "Character Limit" - max is 10 characters per customization

Examples of text box display:

The 'Font' section enables you to select the font type, size, and color for your custom products.

If no "Set color" is selected, the system will default to white or black, depending on the base product color defined in our system. When you "Set color," the custom colors will print consistently on each product.

Once you have completed your customization selections to your liking, simply click the "X" to close that section of the customization portal.

Then choose your desired print location

You can add additional customized text to the page by clicking "+ Create New" and following the above steps, or you can simply click "Save product" at the bottom of the page.

Customization decoration methods default to the same methods as the other decoration technique on the product, such as embroidery, DTF, DTG, or engraving.
Customizations cost approx $7 for each custom print location
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