Editing Product Designs

Want to change your design? No problem!
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Updated 11 months ago
Self-service is now available with certain accounts - please reach out to info@printyourcause.com or your account representative to see if this can be enabled on your store!

First, start in the Products section of the management portal.

Choose the product name link that you want to edit

Under the Tasks dropdown, you will find an "Edit Design" button

You will then be prompted to select your decoration method. These options are set based upon your subscription level.

We do have the option to review requests to add print methods and products. If there is something you don't see, reach out to us at info@printyourcause.com. 

Upload your new artwork: just like with your original design you'll be able to select an existing design, or upload new art files and select size, placement, and other details

Learn more about the available decoration methods and how to prepare your art files here.

Select the garment colors. 

When you select the garment colors, a mockup will automatically generate on the right hand side. If you have art set on the back and/or sleeve(s) of the design, easily select the location to view the mockup.

These are the mockups that will auto generate to your webstore.

Confirm inventory: if an item is low on inventory a warning will populate. Since our inventory is pulled live from the suppliers, if something goes out of stock, the option to order will automatically be listed as "Out of Stock" from your webstore until it becomes available again. 

Create and name product: select Save product and you will see a popup asking you to name the product.  You will also enter a design name so you can use this same placement and size on other garments.

Congratulations - your product has been updated!

Still need assistance? Reach out to us at info@printyourcause.com.
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