Artwork vs Design

Your management portal offers two features for how your files are stored. Let's explain the difference.
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There are two ways your files will be stored on your account. The first would be as Artwork and the second is as a Design

You are able to view, add, and/or remove files from your account on your homepage under "View artwork" for DTG, DTF, Sublimation (drinkware), and Laser Engraving then "View embroidery artwork" for embroidery and view deigns for all decoration methods.

Laser Engraving must be 1 color with high resolution (at least 300 dpi).

So, what is the difference between artwork and design?

We view artwork as the raw file. A design is more than the file, it is the placement and sizing. 

When uploading a new artwork to a new order, you will name the design, then proceed with selecting placement and sizing.

For embroidery, the design also holds the information regarding the thread color. Therefore, if you have the same file needed for a left-chest placement in white and then again in black, it would show in your account as two different designs. 

Since a design holds size and placement, this means that if you have a design that will be 10" wide for a youth garment, and then 12" wide for a unisex garment, the system will recognize this as two different designs.

Why are designs important?

Designs allow you to easily organize your files for repeat products.

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