How am I Billed for 3PL?

Read on for more information about 3PL fees and how they are billed.
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3PL is a feature available on our Premium plans. Email or contact your account manager if you are interesting in this feature.

3PL fees are charged in a few different ways. 

Inventory Set Up and Restocking Fee - There is an initial set up fee of $50 per SKU, which includes adding the product to your storefront (including images if needed), weighing the product, counting and "binning" inventory.  

Set Up fees are billed upon signing the 3PL agreement sent by your account manager. This will be auto-charged to the card on file - if you prefer an invoice, please let you account manager know upfront.

The restocking fee is  $10/restock to count and update inventory in the store - these are billed as needed. This fee will be auto-charged to the card on file - if you prefer an invoice, please communicate that request with your account manager for processing.

Be sure to set up inventory notifications so you know when it's time to restock!

Warehousing (storage) Fees - Warehousing fees are based on the size of the bin used to store each of your items. Prices range from $1/bin/month to $20/bin/month. See image below.

Warehousing fees are calculated at the end of each month and charged to your store account.

On Demand Fulfillment (Pick & Pack) Fees - Pick and pack fees are applied to each order that Print Your Cause fulfills. Pick and pack fees are $2 for the first item in the order and $0.50 for each additional 3PL item in that order. 

Pick and Pack fees are billed per order. These fees will be automatically deducted from the store profit at the time the order is placed.

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