How am I Billed when Importing Orders with a CSV File?

I imported multiple orders with a CSV file, now how do I pay for them?
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To ensure a smooth and transparent billing process, here’s a detailed explanation of how we handle balances owed on your account due to imported orders:

Invoicing Process

  • - Invoice: Our system will generate an invoice for the imported orders on the Monday following the order submission.  The invoices can be viewed on the "Invoices" section of the account portal.

Payment Process

  • - Auto-Charge: The total balance owed will be automatically charged to the card on file at the time the invoice is created (Monday following order submission).
    - Receipts: An email receipt will be sent to you for your records, ensuring you have a detailed account of the transaction.

Secure Payment Handling

  • - Stripe: All payments are securely stored and processed by Stripe, a leading payment processing system known for its robust security measures. This ensures that your payment information is handled with the highest level of security.

By following this billing process, we aim to make it easy for you to manage your account and stay informed about any charges incurred from importing orders using a CSV file.

Need to add a card on your account for auto-payments?  See this article for step by step directions.

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