Print Your Cause Replacement Policy

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Although our goal is to strive for perfection on all orders, we understand that we too are human and things happen. When they do - we are there to acknowledge our misstep, and make it right for you and your customer!

Print Your Cause Replacement Policy

In the event an order displays quality issues, incurs damage in transit, or is incorrect, a request for replacement can be filed. An order is eligible for a replacement within 30 days from receival unless otherwise noted.

Quality issues

Requests pertaining to quality issues, or garment defects, requires photo documentation to ensure prompt resolution.

Please have all quality concerns sent to our support team using this form so we can quickly resolve the issues with your customer.

Tracking issues

Requests pertaining to orders lost in transit can be filed no sooner than 5 business days after the estimated delivery date and no later than 15 days after the estimated delivery date. 

Orders shipped internationally are not considered lost in transit until six weeks past the posted date listed for when it arrives in the destination country. 

Print Your Cause is not responsible for delays caused by third-party shipping providers and does not guarantee delivery times.

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