Gifts & Discount Codes Overview

Thank your supporters, employees and event registrants with a gift or discount code to your store!
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These features are available with Essential and Premium subscriptions only.  We do require a credit card on file for automatic monthly payment processing for gifts and discount codes.

There are a few instances where gifts and discount codes will be beneficial. The first would be if you are setting up a gift store. This would be when you would like to billed in full for the product vs the end customer. 

Another popular reason would be if you would like to extend a one time use gift card or even a general percentage off. 

Whatever the need - we have you covered! 

What is the difference between a gift code and a discount code?

These two options offer very different access. Gift codes are unique codes. It acts similar to a traditional gift card allowing you to extend a specific dollar amount, or free gift (to either the store or specified category) to your customers.

A discount code is reusable with no limit to the number of uses. This would be your general percentage or dollar off the entire order for anyone with access to the code.

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